Erich Schweighofer is one of the central figures in legal informatics in Europe and worldwide. In early February 2020, shortly before the International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS 2020 in Salzburg, Erich Schweighofer celebrated his 60th birthday.  The editors take this anniversary as an opportunity to dedicate this Festschrift to him. 
The title "International Trends in Legal Informatics" was chosen to honour the rich work of Erich Schweighofer as university lecturer, editor of scientific anthologies and above all as scientist and author at the interface of law and informatics. 
In good Schweighoferian tradition, both German and English language contributions are united in the Festschrift.  Like the work of Erich Schweighofer, the contributions in this volume also show an enormously wide range of content.  This ranges from Good Old Fashioned AI and Law, legal information and legal language to the regulation of technology, copyright law, data protection law and international law. 

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